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Our profile –
or who we really are?

The akj at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin came into existence in February 1996 and is neither a formal association nor a corporation nor any other kind of hierarchically structured organization. More than anything, the akj is an open forum for legal and political discussion. In our capacity as law students we engage primarily in the analysis of the existing legal system and its development. As people with a critical attitude we take the additional liberty to criticize the law and its development, to question it and to point out alternatives.

We are entirely independent from political parties. The main characteristic of our political point of view is our inclination towards social emancipation. Social Emancipation means that we do not consider the existing structures of subordination among human beings or between human beings and the State to be the end of all development, but that we question them and believe they should be abolished. On this account we discuss for example the following topics: The growing police competences, the ongoing destruction of the right to political asylum, repression against migrant workers and the limitation of employment rights.

Weekly lectures

During the lecture period we offer discussions and events on different topics of legal or general politics. Our qualified lecturers give a brief overview on the topic, followed by an open discussion. The lectures usually take place on Thursdays at 8 p.m. at the Law Faculty (Bebelplatz 1), Room 326.

Educational policy

We participate in the ongoing debate concerning legal education. We criticise reform proposals that are exclusively motivated by the intent to save money. The important part for us is the possibility to study law as a science instead of merely being educated for legal practice. Law studies should not be subordinated to the job market. This means that law studies should concentrate on the ability to critically reflect law and its functions as well as on the understanding of legal topics and their interaction with economical and social aspects. Law studies should be organized in such a way that it is possible to pass the final examinations without having to resort to private lessons given by a commercial “Repetitor”.


Political Justice is hardly ever mentioned in the legal and political debate in Germany. On this account we attend and observe trials on political crimes in order to make them known to the public. In this area we do not limit ourselves to Germany; among other cases we support the resistance against the imprisonment and death sentence for Mumia Abu Jamal in the US.

In addition we organize group internships in the offices of lawyers with a critical attitude. As an alternative to the traditional legal internships, where the trainee is often no more than a suitcase carrier, the participants have the possibility to exchange their experiences and to discuss the self-conception of lawyers.

The akj is not limited to academic debate. We cooperate with Human Rights Groups or the Antifascist movement in certain cases.

das freischüßler

das freischüßler is the akj journal and was first published in April 1999. In this journal we intend to write against the conservative hegemony in legal discussion. Whoever wishes to participate is welcome to write articles or comments and send them to us.


The “annex” is another one of our periodical publications. It offers a possibility to discuss certain legal or political topics in a more extensive way than the limited pages of the „freischüßler“ allow us. This way we intend to provide a forum for critical analysis and to support young authors.

akj online

The akj has a critical attitude towards a many recent developments, but with regard to the World Wide Web we keep up with the times. Our continuously updated homepage is www.akj-berlin.de and our email address is akj@akjberlin.de

From the past and a possible future:

Until May 2002, the akj used to be a part of the „Bundesarbeitskreis kritischer Juragruppen (BAKJ)”, a countrywide network of law student groups with a critical attitude. In this context the magazine “Forum Recht” was published as well as a yearbook on Human Rights called “Grundrechtereport”. The BAKJ regularly organizes conventions on legal politics. In 2008 the cooperation will be intensified once more.


Latest news on the akj and its activities can be found on our homepage, in our blog "Sondervotum" and on the posters advertising our lectures. During the lecture period we meet on Thursdays at 6.00 p.m. in room 144 of the Law Faculty (Bebelplatz 2, 1st floor) – just come to meet us.


Mail adress: c/o RefRat HUB, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin.
e-mail: akj@akj-berlin.de